This app shows the state or condition of liners using advance technology tools in order to generate reliable and opportune data analyses, that will help us to improve the decision making in our field.  This means, that we will achieve an improvement in terms of time and increasing in operational continuity in critical equipment.

Benefits provided by MILLRAY®


Automated information processing

High accuracy of the information generated

Availability and simplification of critical technical information

Accessibility to multiple users according to requirement

Historical information storage platform of easy access.

24/7 Service.


Using MILLRAY® system you will be one step forward, changing the old analysis of discrete thicknesses to a global vision of the liners’ condition.  MILLRAY® giving us data in a brief period of time and allowing us to identify the state or condition of liners thickness while the equipment is not working, avoiding unexpected stops due to fractures, detachment and perforations, impacting on the indicator of reliability.


Smartphone: iOS and Android

Windows and Mac OSX


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